Dr. Oz claims that his critics are trying to silence him, when all he is doing is exercising his r…

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Dr. Oz claims that his critics are trying to silence him, when all he is doing is exercising his right to free speech.

But that's not really true.  Oz gives really poor or questionable advice (most of the time, according to this study).

And they are not trying to silence him: they are trying to remove the air of authority that comes with his position of vice chairman of Columbia University’s department of surgery.

I don't think I've ever watched Oz, but I do have an aversion to medical treatments that aren't proven by science.  While I recognize that some such treatments might still have positive effects, and that scientific studies are often flawed, and so on ... stuff like what Oz pushes are often silly to me.

If he wants to push them, more power to him.  But if I were a doctor, and especially I were a doctor affiliated with Columbia University, I probably wouldn't want Oz representing me, or having any prestigious position that made people more likely to believe him. G+

Don't believe everything you see on "Dr. Oz," researchers say

After investigating claims made on popular medical talk show, study warns, "The public should be skeptical about recommendations"

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