Hillary is trying hard to push the left-wing populist agenda. The problem is that the facts don't …

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Hillary is trying hard to push the left-wing populist agenda. The problem is that the facts don't line up with the philosophy ... and the philosophy often doesn't make much sense anyway.

* “There’s something wrong when CEOs make 300 times more than the American worker"

a. They do not, and b. if they did, it isn't indicative of something wrong.

This is one of the core myths of progressivism today: that income inequality is a bad thing. It might be indicative of a problem, but in itself it is not "something wrong."

But again, CEOs make nowhere near that amount.

* "There’s something wrong when American workers keep getting more productive … but that productivity is not matched in their paychecks."

a. Compensation is going up with productivity, and b. even if it wasn't, it isn't indicative of something wrong.

Compensation should be based on relative value.  Maybe your productivity is going up, but maybe your replacement cost is going down, so there's no reason for your compensation to increase.  That better than bad: it's good.

But again, compensation has been increasing with productivity.

* "there’s something wrong when hedge fund managers pay less in taxes than nurses or the truckers I saw on I-80"

They don't pay less in taxes, either in percentages or sum total.

Granted, if they did, that might be indicative of something wrong, but they categorically do not.  It's just a lie.

(While I am for more equality in taxation, we shouldn't be in the position of rich people paying less in total taxes.  As for percentages, I think ideally everyone pays the same amount of taxes, with the lower wealth brackets exempted, but that's not going to happen; and, of course, as long as we have a graduated system, it should actually be graduated.  But again: they pay more in both taxes, and in percentage of their income.  It's a lie.) G+

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