I think I know the answer ... but if we come out with strong evidence that Gray died because he tr…

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I think I know the answer ... but if we come out with strong evidence that Gray died because he tried to injure himself and succeeded, will the protestors stop protesting and admit they were wrong?

I know, I know: there's a "greater truth" that they are protesting about.  Then don't protest aout Gray, if you are really protesting about the "greater truth."  Of course, the problem there is that without a specific example to rally around, you can't get as much interest; but with a specific example, you might end up being proven wrong.

So maybe you just wait until it is something we know, or at least have very strong evidence, is true?  And I think I know the reason why: because when we have strong evidence, we tend to hold accountable the people responsible, so there's nothing to protest about.  "We demand justice!" doesn't mean as much when those responsible are already charged with murder.

This all drives me to conclude that yes, this is about a "greater truth," but that truth isn't "police brutality," but just about expressing anger, regardless of the reason for the anger, let alone how well-justified that anger is. G+

Prisoner in van said Freddie Gray was ‘trying to injure himself,’ document says

According to a police document obtained by The Post, a prisoner in a separate compartment of the same Baltimore police van as Freddie Gray told officers he heard Gray “banging against the walls.”

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