Dear Internet: there is an anonymously sourced news report that says Brady will be suspended.  Thi…

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Dear Internet: there is an anonymously sourced news report that says Brady will be suspended.  This seems unlikely to me, given the fact that there is no actual evidence -- either direct or circumstantial -- against Brady.  But we know the NFL is not rational, so maybe they will do it.

But more likely, the NFL leaked the suspension to see how the public reacts, and will end up not suspending him.

Even more likely, if the NFL suspends Brady despite there being no evidence against him, the NFLPA will immediately back an appeal.

I can't think Goodell wants that fight, but if he does suspend Brady, I'll take it as evidence that Goodell does want that fight, since the evidence against Brady won't be the reason for the suspension, since there isn't any.

BTW, if you disagree with my claim that there is no evidence against Brady, please do cite the evidence against him.  I keep saying there is no evidence against Brady, and people keep getting angry with me for saying it, but none of them are actually providing any evidence against Brady. G+

Myers: Roger Goodell will suspend Tom Brady for DeflateGate

Tom Brady will be the highest profile player ever suspended in the 96-year history of the NFL.

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