Dear Internet, I am no fan of hating on anyone, including Muslims.  As long as people do not try …

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Dear Internet,

I am no fan of hating on anyone, including Muslims.  As long as people do not try to cause harm to others, I have nothing against them.

But if a group of people are telling you that if you express a certain type of speech that you will be killed, the proper societal response in a free society is to explicitly engage in that speech.

I don't support Pamela Gellar in her hatred of Islam.  I do support her in her fight against oppression by Muslim radicals ... and that's precisely what threats of violence for free speech are: oppression.  And those of you who say we shouldn't engage in this speech are telling us to allow ourselves to be oppressed.

No, in the grand scheme, this particular thing -- Mohammed cartoons -- doesn't matter.  But it speaks to the larger issue that we see almost daily, of people telling us we cannot say whatever we want to say, as long as we are not causing direct harm to others.

On the other hand, though ... I sure hope this isn't a setup.  I've seen it before, people faking attacks to try to gain political favor.  Shawna Forde -- who later committed, and was convicted of, murder -- apparently faked her own "rape" and, in a separate incident, probably her own shooting, too ... probably all to stoke more public anger at illegal immigrants.  People are nuts. G+

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