I got Project CARS for PS4!  And then I plugged in my Fanatec Porsche GT3 RS V2 wheel and tried it out...

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I got Project CARS for PS4!  And then I plugged in my Fanatec Porsche GT3 RS V2 wheel and tried it out.  And ... the game froze.

Nothing moving.  Just frozen.  I unplugged the wheel, game moved again.  Plugged it back in, game froze.

Then I moved the wheel ... and the game moved again.  Then froze again.  I moved the wheel again ... and the game moved again.

Basically, as long as I moved the wheel, the game moved.  When I stopped, the game froze.  So as long as the track I'm driving didn't have straightaways, I'd be fine.

Some research told me that people recommended firmware updates for the wheel.  Great!  Except that they are Windows only firmware updaters.  I have VirtualBox, and Microsoft puts up time-limited VM images for testing IE.  So I grabbed Windows 10 (about 5GB), and booted it up, and the image wouldn't boot.

It was apparently corrupt.  So I grabbed XP (<2 GB), and I booted it and installed the updater, and it wouldn't recognize my wheel.  I eventually figured out I had to make a "USB Device Filter" to let the VM see my wheel.  I did that, making a filter from the existing wheel.  Then I ran the updater, and in the middle of the updating, it stopped recognizing my wheel, because the updater changed the specs of the wheel for how it is recognized, and the filter stopped working.  I modified the filter so it only recognized by the wheel manufacturer "Fanatec" and not on device ID, or version, or manufacturer ID, or anything else.

So I tried again.  It froze in the middle again.  Thankfully, no Flashing had started yet.  I tried again, same problem.  The wheel was still being recognized, the updater just wouldn't work.

So I downloaded Windows 8.1 (5 GB).  Tried again.  Made my filter.  Flashing started ... and froze.  Now I am worried.  But I needed to kill the installer and restart my wheel and hold my breath.  It seemed to start OK.  Flashed again ... and this time it worked!

To verify the firmware, I restarted the wheel, held the wheel during calibration when it was 1/4 turn away from the final move to center, press four buttons, and then move it back to center manually.  It showed the correct firmware version on the wheel display.  Success!

But now the fan won't turn off on the wheel.  More research: the same operation to see the firmware version toggles the feature to then the fan on (instead of being on only when needed).  Do the same operation again, fan turns off, and I finally have a working wheel with Project CARS.

And Project CARS is pretty good. G+

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