Dear Internet, I am unimpressed with the revamps from Marvel and DC.  Both have introduced many simply...

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Dear Internet,

I am unimpressed with the revamps from Marvel and DC.  Both have introduced many simply incomprehensible series.  Marvel seems to be having manatees write their storylines, and DC is ... well, I can understand wanting "something for everyone," and maybe the problem is that the new stuff is just not for me, but from my perspective they are just ruining established titles and characters by making them silly.  Black Canary as a rock singer?  Meh.  And the artwork is just unappealing ... again, to me.

Maybe I am just an old traditionalist fuddy-duddy.  And by traditionalist, I mean mid-2000s.  I like old comics, but I think we were in a Golden Age (to use an overloaded term) of comics in the 2000s.  And now everything has to be avant garde and hip and different, instead of good.

I don't mind different.  I love The Manhattan Projects and Saga.   Fraction's Hawkeye is fantastic.  There's different because you have talent and vision and creativity, and then there's different because you can be, or you feel you should be.  And that's what the new DC feels like to me. G+

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