This is why so many of us just dislike President Obama.  He goes overseas and says that the Court should...

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This is why so many of us just dislike President Obama.  He goes overseas and says that the Court should not have even heard the case challenging his very clear violation of very clearly written law.

I am not saying that Obama has no argument for violating the law (although I don't think he does).  I am saying that it is absolutely clear that he is violating the letter of the law, and that alone justifies the Court taking up the case, and to say the Court shouldn't have taken it up is to say that there should be no judicial review of his actions.

And perhaps worse, if you think that the law means what it says, and the result of that is something that Obama dislikes, then you are the one "twisting" the words of the law.  You are a Bad American who hates poor people.  You are a "cynic," and "the ground has shifted beneath" you.  Your "stale political arguments that have consumed us for so long no longer apply."

Or, we just believe in the rule of law, and disagree with you about how to properly interpret it.

Nah.  That couldn't be it.  It has to be an issue of morality and righteousness.  You're with him, or you want poor people to lack health care.

Remember when Obama said that he wanted to bring this country together and set aside false dichotomies?  That was great. G+

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