This World Cup thing is insane to me.  Yes, people who run a private organization were being paid off...

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This World Cup thing is insane to me.  Yes, people who run a private organization were being paid off regarding where to put a private event. How does this make for a major international criminal scandal?  Sure, governments and government officials were paying them off, but that's makes them criminals, not FIFA.

I kinda hate FIFA.  I certainly hate that FIFA puts the World Cup in a ridiculous place like the Arabian peninsula.  But it seems to me more that this "scandal" is out of spite, than out of legitimate government interest in any actual wrongdoing by FIFA officials.

A reporter who has been calling out FIFA corruption for years said "These scum have stolen the people’s sport. They’ve stolen it, the cynical thieving bastards."  And I think that's the real point.  It's not about the law, it's about the fact that they consider soccer, and the World Cup, theirs, and the primary stewards of that sport haven't acted in their interests.

I am not saying FIFA officials didn't commit crimes; I am saying that everything I've heard shouldn't be a crime.  If they want to accept payoffs for where to put their private events, so be it.  People do that all the time.  If you pay me enough, I'll quit my job and come work for you.  How is this different, other than the fact that you don't care where I work, and you do care where the World Cup is held? G+

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