Dear Google, I just gave you money to port my old home phone to Google Voice.  Unbeknownst to me, you...

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Dear Google,

I just gave you money to port my old home phone to Google Voice.  Unbeknownst to me, you changed the service since I last used it, such that every time someone calls me, every device I have shows a Google Hangouts alert.  I never, ever, want this.

And there is literally no way to turn this off, except to not use Hangouts or Google Voice.

And what makes this even dumber is that my iPhone is already allowing me to answer the incoming call on all my devices.  So I get my phone, iPad, and Mac all ringing for both the call and Hangouts simultaneously, just for one call.

This is incredibly stupid, and apparently this has been broken for awhile now.  I can see how many people would want this feature, but it's also obvious that many people would not.

Google: please fix it.

I believe that engineers and product folks at Apple and Google don't actually use all their own software features. G+

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