Dear T-Mobile, I tried to port my home number from Vonage to you.  I spent many hours on the phone ...

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Dear T-Mobile,

I tried to port my home number from Vonage to you.  I spent many hours on the phone trying to get it to work.  It never did.  A dozen different people on your end tried to help me over a half dozen or so phone calls, and you couldn't do this simple thing.

And not for nothing, but probably half the time I was on the phone with the T-Mobile reps, I literally could not understand what they were saying.  They all had thick accents that sounded Indian to me, and over a low-quality audio signal like a phone, it just doesn't work well.  I had to ask them to repeat themselves many times.  It's a terribly poor customer experience.

AT&T did this task for me in three days, with two quick followup phone calls: once to tell me I needed a new SIM card (which I picked up for free at an AT&T store), and once to activate the card and test the line.  It took a few minutes for the port to switch over, but then it worked like a champ.

I am not a huge fan of AT&T, but ... it's kinda like, years ago, when I got fed up with DirecTV, so I switched to cable.  Oops.  It's the "grass is always greener" scenario.  What you have might suck in various ways, but is the alternative necessarily better?  In the case of DirecTV and AT&T, in my experience, no. G+

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