Dear +CNN: I like +Jake Tapper a lot. Not a bad debate.  But some criticisms: * Too long. * Too much...

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Dear +CNN:

I like +Jake Tapper a lot. Not a bad debate.  But some criticisms:

* Too long.
* Too much focus on irrelevancies, and on Trump.
* Didn't control the debate enough, allowing too many interruptions, which was largely caused by candidates feeling like they needed to interrupt just to get time, because you focused too much on Trump.

And really offensive to me, there was an assumption in one question in the first debate, from Tapper, that this kid who was arrested for a clock was the victim of discrimiantion, which is utter nonsense: the necessary implication is that this would not have happened if he were not Muslim.  But we know that other kids are punished or arrested for stupid fake "weapons" at school. G+

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