We are no longer accepting nominations for "Dumbest Government Official of 2015."  Lena Van Haren is...

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We are no longer accepting nominations for "Dumbest Government Official of 2015."  Lena Van Haren is the winner.

The school is primarily "African American and Latino students", and the "top four spots" in the election went to "white, Asian, and mixed-race students."  That means that the "African American and Latino students" significantly voted for "white, Asian, and mixed-race" candidates.

But the principal says, "It's not OK for a school that is really, really diverse to have the student representatives majority white."  So she is telling the majority "African American and Latino students" that they were wrong to not vote for someone of their own races.

Worse, she appears to be telling America that it was wrong to electing an African American to the office of President of the United States, since he's in the minority, and the majority is white ... so therefore the President should be white, too.  Oh wait ... President Obama isn't African American, but "mixed race" ... so does that make it OK?

This is all so confusing.  And stupid.

But primarily stupid.

The bottom line is that the students are not racist, and she thinks that's a problem.

Now, I can hear all of you out there saying, "what about Kim Davis?  She's stupider than Van Haren!"  And you may have a point, but at least Davis' view about her official duties has some kind of internally consistent logic, unlike Van Haren.  So I'm making the call. G+

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