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This stuff is amazing. Soave has it right.And one more thing that really bothers me here: these are public universities, and one of the complaints is that the administrators did not punish students for what is, in some of the examples, absolutely protected free speech.  If an administrator at a public university punishes a student for "yelling a racial slur at the black student government president," that administrator would likely be subject to a civil rights lawsuit.Racism is vile, but it is protected by the Constitution.  A public school has no legal authority to punish merely racist speech.I get that more happened than just that, and some of these acts probably were criminal (like the swastika in feces) or at least actionable (words that constitute threats and intimidation, and not merely racist speech).  But when you complain about the school not doing something about things the school has no legal right to do anything about, it makes it hard for me to take you seriously. G+

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In loco parentis returns: Yale and Mizzou students want to be treated like kids again

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