This was a few months ago, down the road from today's shooting incident in San Bernardino. It's so ...

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This was a few months ago, down the road from today's shooting incident in San Bernardino.

It's so odd for a mass public shooting in this country to have multiple assailants (which is what reports are saying), so I started thinking about what could be going on.  The target (an agency to service developmental disabilities) is not an obvious one, but where there's a single assailant, you can reasonably assume the person is nuts.  That's much less likely with multiple assailants: there's usually a shared motive, such as we saw in Paris.

I have no idea what the motive might be, but it is probably planned, with an explicit purpose.

Something else uncommon in U.S. mass public shootings is the use of automatic weapons, but the likelihood of using automatic weapons increases with organization, and multiple assailants (with a planned and apparently successful escape) implies organization.  I know that if I were going to make a coordinated assault on a fixed target, I'd want a select-fire weapon.  So, I started searching for automatic weapon reports in the area, and found this report.

I have no reason to think these are connected, but the proximity in time and space -- three months ago, less than 10 miles -- is interesting enough to post. G+

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