What is your least favorite part of the Star Wars films?  (Anything having to do with Jar-Jar is an ...

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What is your least favorite part of the Star Wars films?  (Anything having to do with Jar-Jar is an unacceptably boring answer.)

Not to be all feminist, but I think it's gotta be how completely weak Padme was in Episode III.  Episode III was the worst of the films, not because it wasn't exciting or the story was terrible, but because the characters made no sense.  There's many examples of this (including Anakin's incomprehensible switch from "let's arrest the Chancellor because he's bad" to "I'm gonna go kill those younglings over there" in the span of about three minutes), but the worse is with Padme.

Here we have a person who is the head of state, who is a practically a commando, who stands up to anything and jumps into battle with a blaster ... and the next thing you know, the only thing she can hold is a hairbrush, she only sees herself in terms of her man, she's too scared to take any action, and she literally dies because she's so sad.  I know that pregnant women go through a lot of emotional changes, but it's pretty ridiculous.

In real life, Padme would have survived if for no reason but to protect her children, and would've devoted her life to destroying her ex-husband. G+

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