Dear America: Look around you.  Look at what we have in America.  Look at our relatively very high ...

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Dear America:

Look around you.  Look at what we have in America.  Look at our relatively very high levels of peace and prosperity.  We are living longer, we have less death, we have more stuff.  And for those of us who allow it to ourselves, we have plenty of opportunity for happiness and fulfillment.

We're winning.

People act like a few attacks against us means we're losing.  For every successful attack against us, we have dozens or hundreds against them.  They live in caves and shacks, we live in warm homes and have wireless Internet strapped to our faces.

Let's have some perspective.  Even on 9/11 we weren't losing.  We have never been losing, and there's no prospect that we will be losing.  France isn't losing, either.

Since we're talking about winning and losing, I might as well bring in a sports analogy: this would be like if Tom Brady got sacked three times by the Dolphins, but he still got six TDs and the Patriots were winning 52-6, and you polled Patriots fans and they mostly said the Patriots were losing.

Again: let's have some perspective here.  Most of the day, most of us don't think about anything bad, let alone terrorism.  We think about work, family, movies, games, sports, hobbies, pets, and all sorts of other things we would not be thinking about right now if the terrorists were actually winning. G+

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