Donald Trump is not the only dangerously ignorant "frontrunner" for a major party nomination: Hillary...

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Donald Trump is not the only dangerously ignorant "frontrunner" for a major party nomination: Hillary Clinton still thinks, 20 years after we already figured out that it is literally not possible, that we can and should find ways for government to bypass encryption used by terrorists.

STEPHANOPOULOS: How about Apple? No more encryption?

CLINTON: This is something I've said for a long time, George. I have to believe that the best minds in the private sector, in the public sector could come together to help us deal with this evolving threat. And you know, I know what the argument is from our friends in the industry. I respect that. Nobody wants to be feeling like their privacy is invaded.

But I also know what the argument is on the other side from law enforcement and security professionals. So, please, let's get together and try to figure out the best way forward.

That sounds good to some people ... but it is not possible.  The tools to encrypt are out there on the Internet and written in books and magazines and on t-shirts and coffee mugs, and it cannot be taken back.  And if I use encryption, generally speaking, you cannot get around it.  You might be able to crack it, in some cases; but generally, you simply cannot get it, no matter how many minds you put together to solve the problem.

While privacy is a big part of this problem, it's not the fundamental problem.  If Apple gives you back doors to get into communication, yes, you might have privacy issues.  But if Apple does that, then the "bad guys" will simply stop using Apple's messaging tools, and use other ones.  And if you get back doors to all commercial apps, they will write and use their own apps.  Then you'll be able to access communications ... but only of the law-abiding citizens, not the bad guys.

Encrypted communications is not something that you can stop.  You're wasting time and energy -- and demonstrating yourself to be woefully ignorant -- by trying. G+

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