I've mentioned this before ... but it makes no sense to call Kasich a "moderate." Saying that makes ...

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I've mentioned this before ... but it makes no sense to call Kasich a "moderate." Saying that makes me think you don't know what you're talking about.

He is not as conservative as many conservatives, but the differences are really very, very small.

Yes, he expanded Medicaid; but he also refused to set up a state health insurance exchange. Yes, he does not want to deport all illegal aliens; but he also wants to enforce the border. Yes, he believes climate change is real; but he opposes blindly regulating our lives to try to solve the problem, and is in favor of fracking and opposed to Kyoto.

He significantly cut taxes and balanced the budget (both state and federal).

He is socially conservative ... he's just not a jerk about it.

The Democrats of Ohio don't think Kasich is a moderate, because they know better. Being a nice and thoughtful person doesn't make you moderate. You don't have to agree with all of Kasich's views, but calling him a "moderate" just doesn't fit the facts.

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