I have not seen polling data in WA, but I suspect Trump might win a plurality in the presidential preference...

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I have not seen polling data in WA, but I suspect Trump might win a plurality in the presidential preference primary here in WA, and therefore most of the delegates, because the delegates are allocated entirely by the primary.

However, those delegates are elected before the primary.

The Washington State GOP convention is May 19-21.  The delegates will be elected there.  Then, on May 24, the primary is held.  The elected delegates will each be bound to vote for a certain candidate based on the results of the primary.

However, if the convention is contested, the delegates will be free to vote for a different candidate on subsequent ballots.  While in most states there is a close relationship between who a candidate is pledged to and how they are selected.  For example, in Ohio, there is a slate of delegates approved of by the winning candidate's campaign, and those delegates are likely to vote for the same person on the second ballot as on the first.

But this is not the case in Washington, since there is virtually no relationship between delegate election and allocation.  A Cruz supporter could be elected as a national delegate, but then be bound to vote for Trump on the first ballot.  And it's highly likely this will happen, because of the fact that different people are electing delegates (people who choose to participate in GOP caucuses) and voting in the primary, and Trump support is far weaker in the GOP grassroots than in public votes. G+

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