Governor Jan Brewer, who is endorsing Donald Trump, is complaining about Mitt Romney criticizing Trump...

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Governor Jan Brewer, who is endorsing Donald Trump, is complaining about Mitt Romney criticizing Trump, because, "whatever happened to the 11th commandment?"

Do I even need to point out that Trump attacks his "fellow Republicans" more than any other major Republican presidential candidate ever?

It's really amazing to me how almost every attack the Trumpeviks (including Trump himself) make against Trump opponents is for something that Trump is even more guilty of.

"Anger" is only a part of this year's election story.  The untold part of this story is the implicit -- and often explicit -- abandon of reason.  It's not that it is unreasonable to support Trump per se, it's that many (if not most) people who support him don't care about the reasons why Trump is a bad candidate.  They reject even the consideration of reason and logic.  There's no arguments or evidence you can provide that they care about, and they don't want to hear it.

It's not quite like Idiocracy, where people are just too stupid to make good choices.  It's that they are so fed up with the system, and Trump is the only candidate who is willing to tear it all down, that nothing else matters, even a high risk of catastrophic failure, because in their minds, we already have a catastrophic failure.

To put it another way, they feel desperate, and while there is risk with Trump, the chance of reward with any other candidates is virtually zero, so there's nothing to lose by going with Trump. G+

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