Dear America, The "winner" of a primary or caucus is not determined by who gets the highest percentage...

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Dear America,

The "winner" of a primary or caucus is not determined by who gets the highest percentage of the vote.  What matters is delegate count.  In some states you can get the greatest percentage, but not get the most delegates.  For example, in a state where delegates are allocated winner-take-all by congressional district, one candidate could get the most overall votes, but another candidate could win a majority of the congressional districts.

Whoever gets the most delegates is the winner of the state.

John Kasich had a couple percentage points fewer than Donald Trump in Vermont last night, but wound up with exactly the same number of delegates: they both took half of the delegates.  So Kasich did not come in second; he tied for first.

The news reports you see that three different Republican candidates won states on Super Tuesday are incorrect.  There were four.

Also, Carson came in dead last in every state yesterday, winning delegates only in Virginia, with no signs of coming in greater than last place in any future state. G+

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