Many will say that this is why the GOP will not appoint an Obama nominee to the Supreme Court. This...

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Many will say that this is why the GOP will not appoint an Obama nominee to the Supreme Court.

This decision is clearly incorrect.  While a private business should be allowed to hire only people who are willing to join a union (or pay it a fee), the government cannot be allowed to so discriminate (and that's all this is: ideological discrimination unrelated to the performance of the duties in question).

Further, it is also clear that collective bargaining itself, in the public sector, is an inherently corrupt and anti-democratic institution that should itself be illegal.  You are taking away the power of the people and their representatives to decide on contract terms, putting the executive in control of those decisions ... who ends up being the beneficiary of donations from the union.

The left thought it was more important to uphold previous bad precedent which violates individual rights in order to give a sense of stability than to do the right thing as required by the Constitution.

The next time you think the GOP should just accept Obama's nominee ... please understand, there's no way it's going to happen, and this is why. G+

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