Chuck Todd, leading Reince Priebus: "Who does choose the nominee here?  Is it Republican primary voters...

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Chuck Todd, leading Reince Priebus: "Who does choose the nominee here?  Is it Republican primary voters, or is it the delegates?"

The delegates.  Period.

The caucus and primary systems choose who the delegates are, and decide who those delegates have to vote for on the first ballot.  But on the second ballot -- if no one gets a majority on the first -- it is all in the hands of the delegates.

And remember, the whole point of the nominee of the party is that it is the party -- which is a private organization -- deciding which candidate to put its endorsement on.  The party gets to decide who that will be, and how that person is selected.  If you don't like it, join the party and fix it from the inside, or join another party, or start your own party, or support a candidate who is not endorsed by any party.

Our whole system is based on freedom and choices and individual rights.  Any group can endorse any candidates.  It just so happens that we have two groups who are the most popular, and most voters -- by their own choice -- vote for the candidates those two groups endorse. G+

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