Dear America, Stop saying that the primary process has anything to do with whether we are a democracy...

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Dear America,

Stop saying that the primary process has anything to do with whether we are a democracy, or a republic.  Stop saying (as a Trump guy did on TV) that in Colorado, people in the armed services were denied the right to vote for President.

Stop thinking that we are electing a President.  We are not.  We are selecting delegates who will go to the convention of a private organization and pick the person who will represent that private organization in the presidential election.  This private organization can make up any rules it wants to.  It can pick its nominee based on a game of Star Trek Pinball if it wants to (which I'd be in favor of).

If you don't like it, then participate in the party to change it, or don't vote for their candidate ... or just be quiet.  But don't think you can say that the party is corrupt and rigged against you, and think that you can convince the people in the party to support you.

Along those lines, please stop saying that Cruz won in Colorado primarily because he organized better.  The truth is that he didn't really organize in Colorado at all.  The reason he won is not because his campaign did a better job, but because the people who are already involved with the party, who know the rules, who have been at this a long time ... they hate Trump, and prefer Cruz.

That's the bottom line here.  Republicans who understand politics better, and participate more, favor Cruz over Trump, by a huge margin.  That is why he won in Colorado.  There's no secret sauce, there's no rigging, there's no corruption ... there's just a popularity contest inside this private organization that Trump is trying to win the approval of, and Cruz won it. G+

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