Dear America, Can someone tell me what's wrong with saying that people do not have to participate in...

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Dear America,

Can someone tell me what's wrong with saying that people do not have to participate in wedding ceremonies they disagree with?

I read this article on CNN and I still don't get it.  A therapist asks, "What if ... she decided as a lesbian therapist that she would stop treating heterosexuals? Or that she wouldn't help a couple who had had an affair?"

Then they could go elsewhere.  If doing that violates your sincerely held beliefs, then who is anyone to demand that you violate them, or that you don't go into private practice just because you hold those beliefs?

I am not asking you to explain to me how it might hurt someone's feelings, or that a Christian should love everyone.  I personally would not engage in most forms of discrimination.  But it seems worse to me to tell someone they cannot discriminate, which violates fundamental liberty the government exists for the purpose of defending, than the discrimination itself.

Plus, it's legal in every state of the union to discriminate against people for all sorts of reasons.  I can refuse service to short, ugly, or stupid people ... or tall, beautiful, and brilliant people.  So why should this one category of things -- sexual orientation/identity/etc. -- get special protection from discrimination, along with race, religion, and sex?

I just don't see the problem here that people are protesting against.  They clearly are not protesting against "discrimination," they are saying this specific form of discrimination is particularly wrong and should get special legal protection, and I don't understand it.  Someone help me see it.  Thanks! G+

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