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The Washington State GOP opened its caucuses to the public, as it normally does, and the public picked Cruz supporters for 40 of the 41 elected delegates (the remaining one is a Trump supporter).

The Washington State GOP also decided to bind those delegates to the result of the state presidential preference primary, and the public voted for Trump, and he will receive 41 of the 44 delegates (the other three will be unbound).

This is not "establishment" versus "grassroots." This is "grassroots" versus "the general public." The grassroots picked Cruz, and the general public picked Trump.

This is why the Democrats in WA do not use the result of the primary to allocate their delegates, because they believe the grassroots, not the general public, should pick the party leaders and nominees. G+
It's actually kinda nice to, for once, not really care about the outcome of a presidential election. G+

Exactly right.

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Short answer: of course not.

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Google hates math and economics. They say, "we’re banning ads for payday loans." But this makes no actual sense. The idea that payday loans are evil is just intellectually baseless. G+
Attorney General Loretta Lynch says that to deny a transgender person the right to use the bathroom of their choice, rather than the bathroom matching their sex, violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which prohibits discrimination under some circumstances on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin, and religion. She says that "gender" or "gender identity" is included in the word "sex."

Just to be clear: she is lying. She knows her whole argument is based on fiction. There is no way in which this makes any legal sense. Sex is not gender. The Civil Rights Act never intended for it to mean gender. The entire basis of the notion of "transgender" is that sex isn't gender.

Everyone is, of course, free to believe that federal law should include gender as a protected characteristic. But it does not. She has no hope of winning this fight in court, and I have to think she is pushing this for purely political reasons. G+
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