Obama lied, as usual, about guns. A man asked why Obama wants to restrict guns, and Obama said "I am...

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Obama lied, as usual, about guns. A man asked why Obama wants to restrict guns, and Obama said "I am not trying to take your guns away." The guy didn't say Obama wanted to take his guns away. Obama lied.

But the worst part is that Obama once again lied and said people on the No Fly List should be disallowed from buying guns. I call this a lie because Obama knows the Constitution absolutely and directly disallows this: you cannot take away someone's rights without due process, and there is indisputably no due process for putting someone on the No Fly List.

Even the ACLU says Obama is wrong on this, so it's also a lie when Obama says it's the NRA that is preventing this from happening. It's the Constitution, and it's the ACLU, and it's the NRA, and it's everyone else who cares about constitutional due process.


Finally, if Obama really cared about enforcing our gun laws, as he claims, then he should prove it by prosecuting Stephanie Soechtig and her staff who committed several firearms-related felonies in making their anti-gun documentary, Under the Gun.

http://thefederalist.com/2016/06/03/katie-courics-anti-gun-producers-repeatedly-violated-federal-gun-laws/ G+

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