I love the new Clinton defense of her actions for illegally mishandling classified information: "...

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I love the new Clinton defense of her actions for illegally mishandling classified information: "... professionals, many with years of handling sensitive, classified material, they did not believe that it was; I did not have a basis for second-guessing their conclusion."

There is no evidence that they did not believe the information was not classified. It seems far more likely that they knew it was classified, but did not know that Clinton's private server was insecure ... because why would the Secretary of State's only e-mail account be insecure? That's stupid, right?

But even if they didn't think it was classified, why would she second-guess them? Because she's the Secretary of State, and she knows what the rules on classified information are, and she told them to send e-mail to her private server, and she knows that server is insecure and that she's responsible for it. That's why. And that she didn't, over and over again, means she's grossly negligent.

In addition, there's the idiotic "they were not marked, or were marked inaccurately." It doesn't matter. The law doesn't care about the marking. She is the Secretary of State and she knows what subjects are classified, and if she has any questions, she must make sure. If she doesn't have any questions -- over and over again -- then she's grossly negligent. G+

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