It's just amazing: Clinton tells bald-faced lies about classified information on Fox News yesterday,...

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It's just amazing: Clinton tells bald-faced lies about classified information on Fox News yesterday, and other than the Washington Post, Fox News, and a few explicitly conservative web sites, I can find no stories about it.

To be clear, these are a few of the facts, according to the FBI:

* Clinton had over 100 e-mails on her server that contained information that was classified (including Top Secret) at the time they were sent or received
* A few of them were actually marked classified, the rest were classified with no markings

Clinton flatly denied all of these facts in the interview. She maintains the lie that the information was only retroactively classified and that they had no reason to think that the information was classified (even though some were marked).

Further, even though Comey said that her previous public statements were false, she said that Comey said her public statements were true.

So, she lied. Big whopping lies about classified information that demonstrate she simply won't accept responsibility for what actually happened.

And virtually no one is reporting it outside of Fox, WaPo, and conservative sites.

Talking Points Memo, a left-wing site, reported on the interview, but treated the back-and-forth between Clinton and Wallace as though it were just a difference of opinion on vague facts.

CNN and MSNBC don't even mention it at all, but they are throwing everything they have at this meaningless "scandal" about Trump and the Khan family. G+

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