I really have no idea why Trump calling a woman "Miss Piggy" is a some sort of significant problem. ...

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I really have no idea why Trump calling a woman "Miss Piggy" is a some sort of significant problem. Did anyone not know that this is how he treats people, until now? Come on.

And worse, how is talking about the weight of a Miss America contestant a problem ... even for someone that we don't already think isn't a jerk? The whole point of these pageants is to gaze upon an idealized form of a woman, which means a certain shape, and her shape had grown outside of that idealized form.

If you have a problem with these pageants -- and I would be perfectly happy if they all went away tomorrow -- then say you have a problem with these pageants. But people are basically acting like there's a problem with Trump being honest, and it's just bizarre.

It's kinda like if vegans complained that I used BBQ sauce on my steak. It might be indicative of the problem, but it's not the actual problem. If there's nothing wrong with eating steak, how could there be something wrong with putting BBQ sauce on it? Maybe talk about eating steak being a problem, not what sauce I put on it.

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