I am so glad that both of the candidates agree -- and tonight reiterated -- that American citizens should...

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I am so glad that both of the candidates agree -- and tonight reiterated -- that American citizens should not have due process.

This is one of those issues where the groups that know the most about the issue -- everyone from the ACLU to the NRA -- agrees this is unconstitutional. But it sounds good, right? If you can't fly in airplane, you can't buy a gun! Who could disagree with this? It even rhymes: "no fly, no buy."

The problem is that there is a constitutional right to buy a gun, and you cannot take away someone's constitutional right by secretly deciding that they simply shouldn't have that right anymore, which is how the No Fly list works.

It's funny how easily we can lose our rights sometimes.

Now, the ACLU is pretty awful on gun rights generally. Their stated position is that gun rights get lesser protection from government interference than other rights because guns can kill. It is, simply, an unprincipled position.

But that's how clear this issue is: even the gun-hating ACLU, who has no problem with not protecting gun rights when it goes against their subjective sensibilities, says You Can't Do That.

Both Clinton and Trump, like Obama, want to do that, because -- frankly -- they do not respect civil rights or the rule of law. They don't. This is a pattern with all of them, and is the biggest reason why I wouldn't vote for any of them.

No respect for rule of law, no vote. It's not as catchy, but it makes a lot more sense.

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