The question "why would these women make up these stories about Trump?" is perhaps the dumbest question...

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The question "why would these women make up these stories about Trump?" is perhaps the dumbest question I've heard all year.

I am not saying any of them are lying, though I do assert I need far more than their word to believe them, obviously. I simply disregard assertions like this until I have sufficient evidence. I don't even consider if it's true until I have serious evidence that it's true or false, and so far, I have none.

But the idea that I should believe them because they have no reason to lie is extremely silly. People spend extraordinary resources -- including time, money, and credibility -- trying to defeat Trump and Clinton. People spend resources to tell lies about Trump and Clinton all the time.

We all know this. So why would we believe that people wouldn't tell lies like this to defeat Trump?

Of course, again, I am not saying they are lying. But saying the fact that you don't know their motive to lie is evidence that they have no motive to lie, especially when there's a ready-made motive staring you in the face, is completely myopic. G+

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