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Pudge on Dobson: Trust Me

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My latest Politics with Pudge is up on Ryan Dobson's KOR Kast.

Like the others, this is also available via the PudgeFeed (to which I have also added my YouTube and Flickr feeds).

This episode of Politics with Pudge is about trust.
A new episode of the superpodcast Ask Pudge is now online for your listening pleasure. Feel free to Ask new questions of Pudge here, for future episodes.

  • scott hildreth via email: Are you aware of the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) setting the new royalty rates for Internet radio, which could put a lot of stations out of business? What is your take on this?

  • jdavidb via email: Did we ever find any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Some conservatives I know say yes, while most leftists I know say no. Each of them seems to think it is amazing the other side would deny their point. I seem to remember some news articles that seem to have proclaimed that we finally found "something," but somehow these never seemed to stick, and I don't understand why. Just what exactly is the story on this subject? It's strange to me how something that seems to be a matter of truth or falsehood is treated more like a matter of opinion.

  • brian d foy via email: Would you eat genetically modified foods?
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