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I compiled perl 5.8.1 RC3 on Mac OS X Server 10.2.6, on a dual proc G4/1.25 GHz, with 1GB RAM. I've never really used a dual proc machine before, and I noticed it was a lot faster than my G4/867 PowerBook (lots of reasons ... faster CPU, faster bus, faster disk, more RAM) ... but then I did make -j2, and woooosh! It's kinda weird seeing output from compiling Encode about preparing the various encodings while also seeing output from the Storable compile interspersed.

All tests passed, BTW, except for the expected bsd-db failures.

Draconian Character Rules

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I am testing some features of Slash, which means you will be limited to Latin-1, with no high-bit characters. Entities/character references only!

This will revert back to the old way of "whatever characters you want, man" later this week, likely.

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Occasion for a Song

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It was either this, or TMBG's "Older". The song, "Turning Thirty" by Randy Stonehill, was recorded for the Equator album, and the lyrics fit my life 20 years later quite well, except the verse about being a musician who goes out on tour, which I skipped. :-)

It's not that I feel especially introspective at this point ... that isn't how I function. But I feel I should be introspective at some point, and this seems as arbitrarily good a point as any. I've actually been planning for some years to be introspective at this point, just so I wouldn't forget. It's not easy being me!

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I find a lot of people denigrate Ishtar, but I think it is really funny. Especially for a hack songwriter like myself. I also find most of the people who denigrate it haven't actually seen it; even sillier, lots of people think it is the worst movie ever. I don't so.

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Randy Stonehill

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I've long been a fan of Randy Stonehill. He writes a lot of great songs, he has enormous talent and stage presence, and he plays music I like. I finally plunked down some bucks and got a bunch of his old releases, and a few new ones, on CD at Also got the first album by his alternate persona, titled Uncle Stonehill's Hat. Stonehill is probably, musically, the greatest influence on my own music, both singing and playing. Not sure about writing.

Also picked up the new Lost Dogs DVD/CD, Via Chicago from Lo-Fidelity, and Real Men Cry from their web site. The Dogs (well, Terry and Mike) are doing a "backyard BBQ" tour this summer, and I am tempted to invite them to my new place, but I don't know if the landscaping would be done in time. :-)

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I Love Blogdor

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Not going. Too much work this week. I could have taken the day "off" to go today, but I am sufficiently burned out -- with a weekend full of spending time with friends and family ahead of me -- that driving down to Portland for a day was not going to help me be less burned out (and I am still quite sore from hockey the other night, my first game in about four months :-).

Hockey Troll

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Last night I joined a new inline hockey league in Seattle (ugh, I am still sore), and a nerw teammate says, "so, what do you do?" "Computer programmer." "For Microsoft?" "No, Slashdot." "I troll that site every night!" He went on to explain how he posts links and page-widening posts, and asks if I work on the code to combat that. It's lucky for him he is on my team. :-)
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