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My Daughter Is Clueless, Too

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My daughter has been dancing along with You're Clueless, and requests "Dada's song" in the car. Now she is even singing along with it, and doing a commentary: "I have no wings, dada!" (a reference to the line, "You can't fly, you ain't got wings"). She has yet to call me or her mother clueless yet, which is good.

It reminds me of a Denis Leary routine where he goes into the office at his son's school, and the teacher says the boy has been singing songs with bad words in it, and she writes down the word "asshole" and asks him if he knows the song. "Know it? Lady, I wrote it!"

Ben Affleck

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You can get The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, and Clear and Present Danger for $35.22.

If you get the Jack Ryan Special Edition Collection, which includes all the above plus The Sum of All Fears, then you pay $33.74, saving $1.48. Pay less, get more.

Which would YOU choose?

Musical Experiment

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Also up on my music page is an interesting musical experiment, "Tetelestai." A friend of mine sent out some lyrics, and that night, me and a couple other friends recorded our own versions of it. The turnaround time was amazing, the results were great, and the experiment was quite interesting.
OK, so now journal RSS feeds should contain full text of journals with HTML. Yay. Of the form

And bonus, now you can get an RSS feed of your friends' journals (or anyone else's friends). Of the form

The RSS links are in the <HEAD> of the journal pages (on my page you get the above links, on your page you get it with your links).

Lemme know if you have any problems.


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Growl is a notification system for Mac OS X. Pretty cool. You can call it from Carbon or Cocoa or AppleScript, and it comes with Perl and Python and Tcl bindings.

The problem is, the Perl bindings rely on, which allows Perl programs to speak Cocoa, but is only available if you are using the same major version and architecture of perl as ships with perl.

After trying for 20 minutes to find out how I could possibly do this using Cocoa or Carbon, I just tried this:

[pudge@bourque pudge]$ sudo gluemac /Library/PreferencePanes/Growl.prefPane/Contents/R esources/
What is the glue name? [GrowlHelperApp]:
Created and installed App glue for (GrowlHelperApp)
[pudge@bourque pudge]$ glue GrowlHelperApp '$g->notify(description => "la la la", with_title => "yo!")'

Of course, it worked.


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I am seriously considering paying money for OmniWeb. I got tired of the bugs and the hogging of RAM and CPU by Safari. OmniWeb sucks up the RAM too, but it is far nicer to my CPU, works better, and has nicer interface and features.

Driving Home

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I was driving home from hockey tonight in Seattle (I scored a goal and was +3 in a 3-2 victory, our first of the season!), and I was following a pickup truck with five stickers on the rear window. In clockwise order from the top left, they were representing George Bush, the Boston Red Sox, an American flag, the New England Patriots, and Apple Computer.

Did somebody clone me and not tell me? Fess up!
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