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use Perl; FAQ Updated

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Apart from general cleaning up, the first update to the FAQ in four years is that now there is a whole bunch of URLs for RSS/Atom feeds, too (and they are correct).

use Perl; Editors Wanted

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Want to help post stories on to Send me mail or comment here or get me on IRC or AIM or something.

Basically, I want people to help handle the submission queue in a timely manner. Also, it would be nice if we could post a lot more user group meeting notices, although that sort of thing never works so I am not optimistic.


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I've made all the feeds on provide Atom as an alternative. If you have a feed, look for "rss" in the string and change it to "atom". It should work. Let me know any problems you find.

Stupid Amtrak

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I had to take my (music) keyboard out of my suitcase because they will not allow bags over 50 pounds on the train, period.

And they charged $5 extra to check my guitar, for "special handling." I guess it is "special handling" to not throw my bags around.

And the train was a half-hour late.

And it had engine trouble when it got here.

And the movie playing is "Beauty Shop."

I'll be at OSCON soon ...
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