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Finding Lost Cell Phone

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While travelling last week I had my cell phone out, and I set it down and couldn't find it when it came time to board. I looked all over and thought it was just lost. I couldn't pull all my bags apart, as I didn't have time while boarding, so it was still possible I had it. I figured, however, I would not give it up entirely until I tried one more thing to find it.

I had been using my Bluetooth headset thingy, and I knew it had plenty of battery, so chances are if it was in the bag, the Bluetooth was still on. So when I got into my next destination, I pulled out my laptop and did a Bluetooth device scan. Sure enough, there it was. Either it was in my bag, or the person who stole it was still nearby.

It was buried in my bag.

Stupid File Size Calculations

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I back up my PS3 to a USB drive, which has a FAT32 partition. The archive folder reported only 3.2GB, but there was about 7.2GB in use.

The Finder and du both reported 3.2GB. I finally tracked it down to a file that is 4GB, but reports as 0. Most of the time. Note that even ls -s gets it wrong, but ls -l gets it right.

$ du archive2_00.dat 
0	archive2_00.dat
$ ls -s archive2_00.dat 
0 archive2_00.dat
$ ls -l archive2_00.dat 
-rwxrwxrwx  1 pudge  pudge  4294966784 Feb 21 22:21 archive2_00.dat

The Finder was similarly confused:

Well, There's Your Problem

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