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I wrote BBEdit Language Modules for diff (screen), and for git's blame (screen).

I also wrote a BBEdit Unix Filter for sending a JS selection to the JSLint web site in Safari.

We're attempting to switch and to new servers today. Please forgive any downtime. Or don't: I don't care!

Making Things Things

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Perl, it is said, makes easy things easy, and hard things possible.

Git, on the other hand, makes easy things hard, and makes possible things you never really wanted to do in the first place.


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Spam e-mail: "Hi there, you got a greeting!"

I want to have an argument with the sender:

"Yes, that is self-evident, every e-mail is a greeting, by definition." "No, I mean another greeting." "Oh, then you're wrong, no, I got no such thing." "Yes, it's in the mail." "But I didn't open it, so I didn't get it." "So open it." "I have no reason to." "So you will get your greeting!" "But the e-mail WAS a greeting."
... and so on.

I should write really bad sitcoms. It's a skill.

Which brings me to: "If you are the type of person who will take a huge cut in salary to do something you love, then you really need badly to see a therapist."

Which brings me to a short film I saw on iTunes called Cutlass, written by Kate Hudson, who has been filthy rich all her life, and is about a mom who helps her daughter spend too much money on something they don't need, because, you know, it's just money!

Just sayin'.

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