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I Need a DVD Player

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My current DVD player is dying. I need a new one, but I am a bit ignorant about DVD players. I'd prefer to get one now rather than later, though I could wait if something new is around the corner. Some considerations:
  • Progressive scan. I want this, as I want to be able to use the player with a digital TV eventually, but can I use a progressive scan player with an analog TV, too?
  • Video DAC. Should I care about the specs of video digital-to-audio conversion, '10-bit 54mHz Video D/A Conversion with Super Anti-Alias Filter' and whatnot? Anything else related to video (number of scan lines, etc.) I should care about?
  • CD-R, DVD-R, etc. This site lists player compatibility with various writable media, which is helpful; I want it to play all the major media types (MP3 not really necessary, as I have a networked laptop hooked up to the same stereo that has access to my entire MP3 collection).
  • Coaxial digital out. My amp has two digital ins, one for optical (which is already in use by the DirecTiVo) and one for coaxial.
  • Multidisc. It would be nice, but is not necessary. Hm, what about one of them 100 disc units?
  • Lasers. Should I care about the number of lasers? Is this related to whether a multilayer disc will have a pause or not?
Thanks for any input you may have. :)

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