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The Daily Show Sucked Last Night

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TDS spent the first segment of the show talking about 'Rathergate,' and didn't actually do any real lampooning of CBS. Stewart said one of the panelists should be wearing a press hat, Rather was not fired even though the 'gate' was named after him, and Andy Rooney has bushy eyebrows.

The rest was just using this news event as a vehicle to bash Bush and Fox News.

They deserve bashing, but this was a huge event in the news business, a catastrophic failure of one of the preeminent TV news organizations. If TDS cannot actually lampoon CBS intelligently over this, then what good are they?

[Insert charges of liberal media bias here.] slashdot.org

Tucker Carlson

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Tucker got the axe from CNN (well, I think his contract expired and won't be renewed). Having seen him a lot, I can't think he actually got fired, as I don't see CNN disliking anything he's done. They just could not find a place for him to fit in at the network.

And he's not the problem with Crossfire. He was, if anything, its saving grace, if it had one: he was the only host there who regularly conceded points made by the other side, and criticized his own side's arguments. Almost every show that I saw, he did this.

That's what I like about him. He's smart and quick and doesn't tow anyone else's line, even though he is quite solidly right-wing. And he isn't afraid to offer entirely unconventional ideas about how to see the issues.

Well, if you want more of this good side of Tucker, he makes his rounds in other venues, but he also has a show of his own, a weekly effort on PBS called Unfiltered. It's well worth watching if you're into weekly discussion shows. If you dislike Crossfire, don't let that scare you away from Unfiltered, which is worlds different.

It's not the greatest show on the planet, but it's one of the few I watch every week. slashdot.org
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