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This morning I flopped around the radio, trying to avoid talk about the Red Sox and Iraq, and I heard a song I'd never heard before. In my mind's eye, I saw a picture of the chick who won on American Idol. Now, I've only seen part of the show once, and have only heard her sing once, and it wasn't this song. Yet, at the end of the song, the DJs identified her as the singer.

Did I recognize her voice? I suppose that's the most likely explanation, though it seems a bit far-fetched, since I had only heard her sing once, and her voice isn't very unique; then again, stranger things have happened.

But on the other hand, last week I heard this guy for the first time named John Mayer. I thought, he sounds like Dave Matthews. nvp recommended it this weekend, so I bought it today, and then I say on IRC how I like him, and I just heard of him last week. aevil reminds me that she told me in January about him, that I listened to him, and that I said he sounded like Dave Matthews. I now recall this incident, but at the time I bought and listened to the CD today, I did not.

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