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Pudge's Picks

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Pudge's Picks 2003 is starting up. Same URL, same program, same players, all new season! It's set up now for preseason Week 4, and then we'll move right on into the regular season.

Picking for this closes this Wednesday night, when the Patriots play the Bears.

Make sure to log in (you can have your password mailed to you if you need it, or create a new account, etc.), and enjoy!

Sports on TV

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Tomorrow morning's baseball game, the Seattle Mariners at the Boston Red Sox, will not be televised on Seattle television. It is at Boston, so blackout rules don't apply; so why is it not televised? They just, apparently, decided not to show it on television. Maybe they thought they would not have enough viewers on a Monday morning to justify a broadcast, but in a real sports town, a fan would consider it an insult that the game was not on TV, even if said fan were unable to actually watch it.

What sort of sports wasteland did I move to?
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