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Patriots Super Bowl DVD

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I just got my shipping confirmation, it's on its way!

Super Market

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Some turd on TV the other day suggested that the the stock market will go down this year, because an AFC team won the Super Bowl. He apparently didn't realize that the stock market did very well in 1998 and 1999, when the AFC Denver Broncos won, or that it did poorly in 2000 when the NFC St. Louis Rams won.

According to official interpretations of the "rule," the Baltimore Ravens were originally an NFC team, so their win in 2001 also incorrectly predicted a good stock market. The AFC Patriots correctly predicted a poor market in 2002, but the NFC Tampa Bay Buccaneers falsely predicted a good year in 2003.

So we have only one the last six years correctly predicted by the Super Bowl, yet I've seen a dozen articles about it. Can we please put this stupid thing to rest? KTHX.

And by the way: Patriots r00l!
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