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So a little more than an hour ago, Coco Crisp, centerfielder for the Red Sox, got a hit against the Mariners in the first inning of today's game, scoring two runs.

A few minutes later, someone through a computer at Clark U in Worcester, MA vandalized Coco's Wikipedia page.

Teh funny.

Seattle Is Stupid

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I don't really mean the title of this entry, but it makes me greatly annoyed that not every Mariners baseball game is televised. That sort of thing almost never happens in Boston, but it happens regularly here in Seattle, when the game is on during "work" hours. It's an 11 a.m. (Pacific time) start, so most people won't be home, so the game isn't on.

I don't think a single Red Sox, Bruins, or Celtics game goes untelevised in the Boston area.

Oh well, I can listen to the game on the radio. And Wednesday's game I'll see in HD on ESPN(2?). Thursday's game should be on the local TV.
Former New England Patriot receiver Darryl Stingley died this week, at 55 years old.

When he played ball for the Patriots, he was critically injured by Oakland Raiders player Jack Tatum. The play was both dirty and illegal, although more generally accepted at the time (Dr. Z has a good summary of the issue). Stingley's neck was broken, and he was paralyzed for life, a wheelchair-bound quadriplegic. Tatum never attempted to contact Stingley. Ever.

ESPN mentioned Stingley's passing on SportsCenter tonight, and showed his picture. They did not show the actual play that put him in a wheelchair for half his life and eventually resulted in his death, and the only reason I can think to not show the play -- this is SportsCenter after all, they always show the play -- is because they are afraid of bringing up the old debate about whether the play was dirty. Wankers.
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