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In a recent journal entry I noted the Boston sports teams are doing pretty well. Since then, the Celtics have started the season 6-0, and the Patriots have gone to 9-0. And the Bruins have slipped a bit in the standings, having lost some close games.

I paraphrased The Simpsons, saying, "The Patriots are still winning, dominant as ever. The Celtics picked up some major stars, the Red Sox have the best record in the league, and the Bruins ... well, we love the Bruins."

Here's a song by Ryan Parker noting the same basic thing, from a different perspective: Thank Goodness for the Bruins.


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Talk of an "asterisk" because the Patriots "cheated" ignores the undispitable fact that there is no allegation or evidence of any kind that the Patriots broke the rules regarding "spying" that in any way affected any game this season.

Anyone who talks of an "asterisk," should the Patriots go undefeated, just ends up looking like an idiot.

And yes, that includes Marcellus Wiley and Don Shula.

That Is Not An Available Option

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Playing MLB 07 The Show on PS3. Doing a season. Simulating most of the games, playing a few.

On September 22, with a solid lead on the wild card, and having won 10 games in a row, including sweeping the Yankees at home, we lose a simulated to Tampa Bay, with Josh Beckett starting.

The computer tells me upon game completion, "Josh Beckett sustained an injury (shoulder separation) during today's game. It appears he will be out for about 2 to 3 months. What would you like to do?"

The options are Keep Active, 15-day DL, or 60-day DL. None of the options are "kill myself," so I'm stumped!
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