Caves of Steel

Chris Nandor

Inspired by "Caves of Steel" by Isaac Asimov

We're living in this city
But we won't take your pity
'Coz we made this world with all it's faults
Now we're too scared to leave these walls

We live in these caves of steel
(Am I dreaming, or is this real?)
We live in these caves of steel
(Was it fate, or a raw deal?)

We're living in a century
Where the Bible is mythology
The robots take our place in mobs
Don't have no feelings, just our jobs

The open fields too hard to bear
Forget the taste of cleaner air
We knew it once, but time forgot
Self-contained became our lot
Scared to leave, and hate to stay
The others wanted us this way
Content of life breeds discontent
We want to leave, our chance was spent
Cannot hold the stallion's reins
He must be therefore kept in chains

We see a man and we will not run
But can we stare at the naked sun?
You find a fishhook for Leviathan
And we'll just try to do the best we can

Copyright © 1992, 2004 Chris Nandor. All Rights Reserved.