Christine, Christine, Christine

Chris Nandor

Alone I can't do anything
I don't know what I'll do
Christine, you are my everything
It's all up to you
Christine, Christine, Christine

Christine, I don't have much
But what I have is yours
You'll use it better than I would
I'm totally assured

You know me better than I do
You know just what I need
If it were left up to me I'd be
Driven by pure greed

I quit my job last week, Christine
I know I'll be OK
You'll keep me fed and clothed, my dear
Drive all my fears away

You buy me much more every year
You've got the cash to spend
Next year you'll run out
But you can worry 'bout it then

I have no reason to doubt you
I have no questions to ask
What you tell me adds up nicely
Because you taught me with New Math

Protect me from myself, Christine
Don't let me drive a car
Clog up the roads and force me
To take trains to get too far

Don't let me gamble all I have
Unless it's where you choose
Don't let me smoke
Don't let me not give your campaign my dues

Copyright © 2008 Chris Nandor. All Rights Reserved.