You Forgot Ron Paul

Chris Nandor

I saw you on the news last night
You were talkin' bout all these dudes
And about how many people like them
And their fancy shoes

Well my guy ain't got shoes like theirs
He ain't wealthy, he ain't got great hair
But my guy loves liberty
He wants the best for you and me

You forgot Ron Paul
You did it again
You've hated him since I don't know when
You leave him out most every time
I cannot think of a worse crime
Oh, it is so plain to see
You hate democracy
You forgot Ron Paul

Ron Paul, he set a one-day record
For raising funds
Ron Paul delivers babies
Gives smiles to everyone

He wins every online poll
And many straw polls too
Sure they don't mean a thing
But tell me, what other polls do?

I didn't hear the whole news story
I caught it in the middle
But I can only assume ...

Copyright © 2007 Chris Nandor. All Rights Reserved.