Another Question for Fans of Kerry, Obama

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Can you name for me a single person in this world who will vote for Obama over McCain because Sarah Palin is inexperienced?

Just one person. Not a hypothetical one, an actual one, who isn't lying.

No, you can't, because it's a nonsensical proposition.

Obama has less experience than any President or Vice President candidate of either party -- yes, including both John Edwards and Dan Quayle -- in almost 70 years, except for Spiro Agnew, if you count both national legislative, state executive, or federal executive experience.

Read that again: except for Agnew, every Presidential and Vice Presidential candidate of either party in the last 68 years has more experience than Barack Obama.

And somehow, Palin's experience, which is in fact comparable in depth (though of a different type) to Obama's is going to make people choose ... Obama? One wonders if they realize that Obama is at the top of his ticket.

I can see the ads now: "Don't vote for McCain: he has one of the least experienced running mates in modern history. Instead, vote for Obama, who is by far the least experienced candidate for President in the last 68 years!"

How is this a good argument for Obama?

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